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Christopher Allmer
5/6 Social Studies Teacher
Kaitlin Arduini
First Grade Teacher
Tina Attanasio
Fourth Grade Teacher
Brooke Bachman
Patricia Bender
Third Grade Teacher
Mckayla Blazure
Matthew Blazure
7th Grade Special Education Teacher
Jessica Blew
Fourth Grade Teacher
Nadine Boetsch
James Bowman
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Jessica Boyce
Fourth Grade Teacher
Isabel Braddock
Emily Canavan
Fourth Grade Teacher
Ginger Crawford
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Erika Crowl
Media Center Teacher
Andrea Damboise
CST Administrative Assistant
Suzanna DeSaro
5th Grade Special Education Teacher
Joy Dominic
Supervisor of Special Services/LDTC
Tanya Drake
Kindergarten Teacher
Erin Durborow
Assistant Principal/Supervisor of Technology