About Us

The Alexandria Township School District formerly consisted of two schools: Lester D. Wilson and Alexandria Middle School. As of September of 2023, the two schools combined to form Alexandria Township School, which is a PreK-8 building. 

The curriculum in the district is rich with a variety of special activities, such as computers, art, music, foreign language and theatre arts. In addition, the school district offers a comprehensive extracurricular activities program.

Citizen participation is at an award winning level. The PTO offers all children and staff many enrichment assemblies, as well as other activities that supplement their social, emotional, and academic development. The PTO is also very supportive, hosting luncheons and other activities for the hard-working staff members in both schools.

The Education Foundation prides itself on providing all teachers with the opportunity to include creative and inspirational academic enrichment activities throughout their classrooms. For many years, the Education Foundation has been promoting innovative teaching through grant monies given directly to teachers. This organization has donated thousands of dollars by means of “mini-grants” to improve and support the academic development of all children in the district.

The school facilities are used extensively by the community. The building is utilized many evenings during the school year for adult and student recreation. The municipality also holds all of its committee meetings in the school. Since the school is the “hub” of the educational community, it is an important mission of the school system that all constituents feel welcome and are made a part of the educational process.


The mission of the Alexandria Township School District is to build the academic, social/emotional and physical foundation our students need to thrive in high school and beyond.

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