Maschio's Food Service

Lunch Payment Options

Maschio's Food Service serves all of Alexandria's staff and students.

We are switching over from K12paymentCenter for online payments to PaySchools. Please stay tuned for more information on how to create your new account. All funds that were remaining from last year are still logged in the system. Please understand that the change of the software will not impact the remaining balance from last school year.

Allergies are communicated from the health office to the kitchen staff. Students are not refused the opportunity to purchase lunch even if they have no available funds on their account. If you would like your child to have certain restrictions regarding purchasing, please contact our kitchen manager, Kristy DiBernard, at the email address below. We offer students to purchase snack starting in second grade. Kindergarten and first grade students can only purchase an actual meal.

  • Your school district uses a computerized point of sale system that allows students to purchase their meals and snacks.

  • Parents are able to make payments online and may pay in advance for purchases.

  • All students will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which corresponds to their food service account. PIN numbers should be kept confidential.

Questions? Please contact your food service office:

ATS Maschio's Kitchen Manager: Kristy DiBernard

Email Kdibernard