Board of Education Meeting Agenda

The Alexandria Township Board of Education conducts regular business meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month (except as noted*). The meeting convenes at 7:00 PM in the Alexandria Middle School library/media center. Annual notice of the meeting dates is published each year following organization of the Board in April.

An agenda is prepared outlining the items to be discussed and acted upon at the meeting. The agenda is considered "public record" as defined in the Right To Know Law, and thus must be made available for public inspection. A Board can properly act on items not included in the published agenda if the need for action on such matters was not known to the Board until the date of the meeting.

The Alexandria Township Board of Education has adopted the following outline for the agenda:  

  1. Call to order - The Board President or Vice President in the absence of the President, calls the meeting to order and announces that the meeting was properly advertised.

  2. Notification of Meeting

  3. Roll Call - The Board Secretary takes "Roll Call" recording who is in attendance; who is absent.

  4. Flag Salute

  5. Presentations

  6. Correspondence - Read or noted.

  7. Board President - The Board President will advise of meetings, workshops, or any matters relating to Board business.

  8. Superintendent's Report

  9. School Business Administrator/Board Secretary's Report

  10. Committee Reports - Chair people of individual committees will report to the Board on matters dealing with their committee.

  11. Public Input (Agenda Items Only) - The designated time for members of the audience to share information about a motion or any other item of mutual interest or concern. 

  12. Old Business

  13. New Business

  14. Consent Agenda

  15. Public Comment

  16. Executive Session - All meetings must be open to the public at all times except for certain exceptions. These specific statutory exceptions relate only to those matters where the public interest would be endangered or the personal privacy or guaranteed rights of an individual would be unduly invaded. These exceptions are discussed in Executive Sessions.

  17. Open Session

  18. Adjourn