Library/Media Services

Library Media Center Mission Statement

It is the goal at AMS and LDW to encourage students and staff to make full use of library materials and services, while at the same time instituting a procedure which promotes fair and equitable use.

The media center supports the ALA and AASL’s concept of free access to library materials for minors and safeguards the rights of the individual student to privacy and confidentiality regarding choice of materials.

Library materials and reading content follow the ATSD BOE policy (2530):

  1. Material will be suited to the varied interests, abilities, reading levels, and maturation levels of the pupils to be served;

  2. Wherever possible, materials will provide major opposing views on controversial issues so that pupils may develop under guidance the practice of critical reading and thinking;

  3. Wherever possible, materials will represent the many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contribution to American heritage;

Materials will be factually accurate and of genuine literary or artistic value;