• March BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 4/10/2014

    March 2014 BOE Snippets

     · Mr. O’Donnell spoke about the group of students involved in the Law Fair program.  Our group of students presented a case for the state-wide competition and placed second out of over 200 entries.  This is was a tremendous achievement for our students and they will be presenting their case at Rutgers in the near future. 

    · The school principals presented the results of the mid-year assessments.  In most grades our students have improved from the first assessment to the second with the math scores presenting higher growth than the language arts scores.  The staff is brain-storming to find ways to improve the weaker areas.



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  • February 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 2/25/2014

    February 2014 Snippets 

    · Three seventh grade students presented the books they created from an ATEF grant as a result of their annual trip to Fairview.  Each of the students presented their individual books in front of the board and the audience.

    · The board received a presentation from the New Jersey School Boards Association regarding implementing a strategic plan.  The board will be considering the need and implementation of a strategic plan in coming meetings.



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  • January BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 1/31/2014

    ·       Scott Saccal was elected to the board president position and Pat McGuinness was elected to the board vice president position. 

    ·       Mrs. Regan presented facets of the dance curriculum and accomplishments thus far this academic year.  The presentation included dance demonstration by 6th, 7th and 8th grade dancers from AMS. 

    ·       The 2014/2015 preliminary budget was presented to the board by Dr. Jennings and Mr. Pawlowski.  This was the first of several presentations that the board will receive throughout the budget implementation process during the coming months.



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  • November 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 12/1/2013 5:00:00 PM

    November 2013 Snippets

    ·       District auditor presented the results of the audit from the year ended June 30, 2013.  Revenue from tax levy increased $87,000, which resulted in a tax increase of only 1%.  Other revenue increased $103,000 primarily from the district’s pre-school program.  Our state aid decreased $80,000 due to a loss in special education aid from the state.  The results of the audit revealed no audit recommendations or suggestions and overall a successful financial year. 

    ·       For every tax dollar that we send to the state our district receives $.16 back to fund our schools district.  We are in a $.86 negative cash position for the money that our township generates in school taxes that is charged to our residents. 

    ·       Last night the board approved several changes in the administration at AMS and in the district effective January 1, 2014.  David Pawlowski will be the Board Secretary/School Business Administrator, Joy Dominic will be the Alexandria Middle School Principal and Denise Fichner will be the Supervisor of Technology & Curriculum.  Please join the board in congratulating all three and wishing them great success as they assume their new positions.  

    ·       The board hopes all students and their parents, the administration and the staff enjoyed a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.



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  • October BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 11/11/2013

    October Snippets

    Dr. Jennings presented the results of the NJASK for the district.  There was improvement in all grades in Language Arts.  The math results were mixed.  4th and 6th grades had slight increases and 5th, 7th and 8th had slight declines.  The LA results indicate that we are good at keeping students at the proficient level and also moving students from partial to proficient.  We have room for improvement in retaining and maintaining advanced proficient students.  In math we are successful at maintaining Advanced Proficient students and also at moving proficient students to advanced proficient.  However, we have room for improvement in preventing proficient students from falling to partial.  Overall the NJASK results were the best that they have been in years. 

    The average Alexandria 9th grader had a higher GPA than the entire 9th grade glass taken as a whole in DVRHS in most every subject offered in the 2012 and 2013 school year.  Our 8th graders also placed higher in the 9th grade placement exams than the other sending districts.




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  • September 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 10/2/2013

    September 2013 Snippets

    The board and administration send their condolences to the family of Susan Schaffner, our newly hired business administrator, who recently passed away. 

    Dr. Jennings commended the Business Administration staff for the degree to which they have stepped up to the additional responsibilities they have had to assume due to the changes in the Business Administration office.

    The board discussed the use of a portion of LDW as a municipal building.  Student safety, cost savings, budget issues and the portion of the building needed were some of the topics discussed.  

    Dr. Jennings presented a report that showed the performance of the most recent 9th grade class that graduated Alexandria versus the entire 9th grade class at Delaware Valley Regional High School.  In all classes in the four major subject areas our recently enrolled 9th graders out-performed the 9th grade as a whole.



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  • August 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 9/15/2013

    August 2013 Minutes

    Dr. Jennings presented the new 6th grade science teacher, Kate Krsnak and the LDW media specialist, Dawn Cifelli. 

    Dr. Jennings presented his goals for the 2013-2014 school year.  His goals include a proficiency score in Language Arts and Math that are linked to student performance and in line with those required for the administration and the teachers. 

    Ms. Breidt, school nurse, presented a proposal to consider starting a school garden at LDW.  This would take total community involvement from a fundraising and volunteer standpoint.  It would provide a great learning and inspirational experience for our students.

    There was a thorough discussion among the board regarding the potential for the municipal building to share space in LDW.  Public input included views that were both in favor and against the proposal.   

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  • June 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 7/3/2013

    BOE Snippets

    June 2013 

    ·       There was a public input question during the work session regarding the relationship between the board and the township committee.  Specifically, why does the township committee want to build a new facility when it has access to the schools?  As a result Mayor Plumer appeared a week later at the board meeting and agreed to form a committee of both township committee members and board members to discuss township offices and access to LDW.

    ·       There was a Donaldson hearing for dance teacher Rachel Gallert.  She presented to the board her reasons why she did not agree with the non-renewal letter she received regarding her continued employment in our district.  The board voted 5 to 3 to uphold the decision reached by district administration. 

    ·       There were numerous public input items that included thanks to Barbara Prowker for her service, discussion about the renewal of the superintendent’s contract, how the board reacts to the content and volume of the emails received, reminders sent to the community several days prior to the work sessions and the board meetings, have the Board Snippets consistently sent to the community as well as posted online and the reasons for any decline in student scores on the standardized tests. 

    ·       The board met in executive session and voted to open negotiations with Dr. Jennings for a new contract.



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  • May BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 6/13/2013

    May 2013 BOE Snippets                 




    Dr. Jennings applauded the efforts of the entire AMS staff, the students and the parents for how they reacted to and handled the recent bomb scare.




    Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Scollan have once again directed the War and Remembrance flag memorial ceremony.  They, and all of the students involved, did an outstanding job.  Those who attended the May 23rd ceremony left knowing the meaning behind Memorial Day and the enormous cost our citizens have paid throughout our history for our freedom.



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  • March 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 4/12/2013

    March 2013 Snippets




    • Dr. Jennings presented the 2013-2014 budget.  We have been able to keep all of the programs deemed necessary in place, despite the unfavorable economic conditions.  The ratables for our properties decreased resulting in each homeowner having to pay more taxes.  The bottom line impact is approximately $30 increase per $300,000 of assessed home value.  We were able to offset a larger tax increase by the revenue generated from School of Choice and pre-school programs.



    • 8th grade graduation has been set for June 20, 2013 at 6:30.



    • The board and the administration are exploring the possibility of a part-time business administrator to replace Barbara Prowker.  Some of Ms. Prowker's responsibilities will be assumed by the building principals.


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