• September 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 10/2/2014

    September 2014

    The opening of the school year was the smoothest that Dr. Jennings and the administration have ever been involved in.  Thanks goes to the support staff, the teachers and the administration for the work they did to prepare for the school openings.

    Ms. Kirk, Ms. Rosenthal, Mr. Ferrante and Ms. Semanchik all earned tenure and were presented to the board by their principals and given certificates by the administration to commemorate the achievement.

    Mr. Pawlowski is engaging in conversation with the township to correct an error in the amount of tax revenue received for the month of August.  Also noted was a shortfall in fund 20 due to state grants and payment timeliness for the previous school year.

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  • August 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 9/15/2014

    August 2014 Snippets


    Two new teachers were introduced by Dr. Jennings and approved by the board.  Ms. Hamrah will be teaching fourth grade and Ms. Grossmann will be teaching 5th grade.  They are replacing openings that resulted from the resignations of Ms. Weisman and Ms. Fallon.


    The newly configured entrance at LDW will be open and functional in the middle of September.  Ms. Kacedon will be sending instructions to families of students that attend LDW regarding the new entrance.

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  • July 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 7/24/2014

    July 2014 Snippets

    · Sending district board presidents will meet with new South Hunterdon District to discuss their experiences with the recent regionalization project that they just went through.  The board presidents are looking at the possibility of a regionalization study and depending on results the possibility of posting a question on the November 2015 ballot. 

    ·The LDW vestibule project is progressing and will be completed by the start of school in September. 

    ·The recess issue for fourth and fifth graders was discussed by the board and the parents in attendance.  The plan that was outlined in the letter that was sent out to the parents is how we will start the school year.  The plan will be evaluated throughout the year to determine its effectiveness and could be changed or modified as deemed necessary.  It was also pointed out that the teachers have the flexibility within their school days to give students any breaks that are warranted.


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  • June 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 6/30/2014 9:00:00 AM

    June 2014 Snippets 

    • Mrs. Fichner, Mrs. Dominic and Mrs. Kacedon presented the results of the reading, math Linkit testing as well as the writing benchmarks.  The tests were given in September and the same tests were given again in May.  There was significant improvement in all grades in both subjects.

    Mrs. Dominic presented some student accomplishments: 

    • Our 8th grade students received the highest STAMP test scores since the inception of our Spanish program; as a result all of our Spanish students are on track to study A.P. as seniors.
    • Our Law Fair students took 2nd place in the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s Mock Trial Competition.
    • Two 8th grade students advanced to the National History Bee Finals in Atlanta, Ga.
    • One 8th grade student advanced to the Regional Scripps Spelling Bee in Bethlehem, PA.
    • One 8th grade student received the Outstanding Featured Soloist Award at the Princeton Jazz Festival.
    • One  8th grade student received the YMCA Youth Leadership Award
    • Two 8th grade students received Unitas Caritas Scholarship Awards to Immaculata High School.
    • One 7th grade student received a scholarship to attend the Rutgers University Dance Intensive Summer Program.
    • One 7th grade student’s artwork was selected to be on display at The College of New Jersey’s K-12 Art Exhibition.
    • One  4th grade student was presented with the Enthusiastic Reader Award of Hunterdon County.
    • Two students received multiple gold, silver and bronze medals at the NJ Special Olympics.
    • Both the Boys and Girls AMS basketball teams received proclamations from Alexandria Township for their championship seasons.
    • Our students competed against schools from Pa, NY and NJ in the Music in the Parks program. Our combined choir received a 1st Place Excellent and the select chorus received a 2nd place Superior.
    • The Wind Ensemble received a 1st Place Excellent in the Middle School Concert Band Division and the Jazz Bank received a 1st Place Excellent in the Middle School Jazz BandDivision.
    • As a result of these achievements and all of her hard work Mrs. Glick was named a Quarterfinalist for the Music Educator Award sponsored by the Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Foundation after being nominated by her students.
    • There were several parents that spoke out in opposition to the proposed reduction in recess for fourth and fifth graders.  They cited studies that provided evidence of the benefits of recess for students.  The board president said that the opinions of public would be taken into consideration and discussed prior to the school year beginning in September.


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  • May BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 6/2/2014

    May 2014 Snippets 

    The school nurses from both LDW and AMS presented the procedures in place for those students with various life-threatening allergies.  Technology enables them to provide all school and transportation personnel with pictures and descriptions of impacted students.  The nurses oversee staff training and dry runs of the steps to take should an issue arise.

    The superintendent and the business administrator presented the 2014-2015 budget and noted that we went to the 2% cap of $150,000.  The priorities for the upcoming school year include the Professional Learning Center environment for our teaching staff, the iPad initiative for the fourth and fifth grade students, the state mandated implementation of the core curriculum and upgrades to school safety and security.

    Our AMS students who were part of the Law Adventure Competition Team were awarded the second place plaque.  They presented their case, as a result of their placing, at an event sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association.  Congratulations to Mr. O’Donnell and his team. 

    Pierce Werrmann and Grace Miller, members of our eighth grade class, have both qualified for the nationals in a history competition to be held in Atlanta in June this year.  Pierce and Grace achieved the highest scores in the Regional “History Bee” that was recently held in Philadelphia.  As a result of their success they qualified for the “National History Bee” finals. 



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  • April 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 5/15/2014

    April 2014 Snippets

    ·       The district is forming committees made up of teachers and parents.  The committees will be tasked with investigating the current practices in use regarding grading, homework, observation/discussion of teaching and paperwork reduction; and suggesting opportunities for improvement.

    ·       The board approved the contracts of Dr. Jennings as the superintendent through June 30, 2019 and Mr. Pawlowski as business administrator through June 30, 2015. 

     ·       The board approved the contract with the Alexandria Township Teachers association through June 30, 2017.



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  • March BOE Snippets

    Posted by Denise Fichner at 4/10/2014

    March 2014 BOE Snippets

     · Mr. O’Donnell spoke about the group of students involved in the Law Fair program.  Our group of students presented a case for the state-wide competition and placed second out of over 200 entries.  This is was a tremendous achievement for our students and they will be presenting their case at Rutgers in the near future. 

    · The school principals presented the results of the mid-year assessments.  In most grades our students have improved from the first assessment to the second with the math scores presenting higher growth than the language arts scores.  The staff is brain-storming to find ways to improve the weaker areas.



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  • February 2014 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 2/25/2014

    February 2014 Snippets 

    · Three seventh grade students presented the books they created from an ATEF grant as a result of their annual trip to Fairview.  Each of the students presented their individual books in front of the board and the audience.

    · The board received a presentation from the New Jersey School Boards Association regarding implementing a strategic plan.  The board will be considering the need and implementation of a strategic plan in coming meetings.



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  • January BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 1/31/2014

    ·       Scott Saccal was elected to the board president position and Pat McGuinness was elected to the board vice president position. 

    ·       Mrs. Regan presented facets of the dance curriculum and accomplishments thus far this academic year.  The presentation included dance demonstration by 6th, 7th and 8th grade dancers from AMS. 

    ·       The 2014/2015 preliminary budget was presented to the board by Dr. Jennings and Mr. Pawlowski.  This was the first of several presentations that the board will receive throughout the budget implementation process during the coming months.



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  • November 2013 BOE Snippets

    Posted by BOE at 12/1/2013 5:00:00 PM

    November 2013 Snippets

    ·       District auditor presented the results of the audit from the year ended June 30, 2013.  Revenue from tax levy increased $87,000, which resulted in a tax increase of only 1%.  Other revenue increased $103,000 primarily from the district’s pre-school program.  Our state aid decreased $80,000 due to a loss in special education aid from the state.  The results of the audit revealed no audit recommendations or suggestions and overall a successful financial year. 

    ·       For every tax dollar that we send to the state our district receives $.16 back to fund our schools district.  We are in a $.86 negative cash position for the money that our township generates in school taxes that is charged to our residents. 

    ·       Last night the board approved several changes in the administration at AMS and in the district effective January 1, 2014.  David Pawlowski will be the Board Secretary/School Business Administrator, Joy Dominic will be the Alexandria Middle School Principal and Denise Fichner will be the Supervisor of Technology & Curriculum.  Please join the board in congratulating all three and wishing them great success as they assume their new positions.  

    ·       The board hopes all students and their parents, the administration and the staff enjoyed a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.



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